The 7th Annual Islamic Studies Postgraduate Conference 2011

Last Tuesday, I presented a paper at the 7th Annual Islamic Studies Postgraduate Conference 2011 at Melbourne Law School. This will be my final paper presentation for 2011. Insya Allah will continue to present other paper in the coming future.

Our panel Chair was the South East Asia Law Professor – MB Hooker. If i was told last 10 years that I would present a paper with him as the chair, I would call that person a bluff. So this was truly a chance of a lifetime. Professor Hooker was kind enough to share his thoughts on Malaysian current legal issues in an informal discussion after our panel’s presentation. Very insightful indeed.

The other presenters, Kak Hidayah, Adli, me and Prof MB Hooker

One interesting point raised by him, was the fact that for any change to happen in the most appropriate mould in Malaysia, especially legally – the person leading or suggesting the change must be substantially trained in their first degree in Malaysia. That is one of the means for them to actually know how the current situation apply in Malaysia and to make any change works. In his view, those educated overseas in their first degree, regardless of whether it’s the middle east or any of the western countries, would usually lost sight of how to deal with the legal situation in Malaysian context. He stressed that all future Malaysian  judges, lawyers and academics should be trained in both the secular and Syariah laws to make the situation work within the legal framework of Malaysia and not being too focused on what is happening in other countries. Maybe there is some truth to this claim. Perhaps, our law graduates from overseas do have different expectations in the dispersement of their expertise, which then lead to a totally different outcome in Malaysia. Sometimes an outcome that according to Prof Hooker – ‘Simply doesn’t work!’…. Some more food for thoughts… 

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