Phd vs Life

As I was reviewing my progress for the past week, I noticed that somehow life has got in the way of Phd – as usual 🙂

My conclusion chapter is as raw as it gets and my supervisor kept hammering the fact that perhaps I have given way to family matters more than I need to. As usual, whenever he said that, I have never taken him seriously, because I know, my family is part of my life. They are not supposed to be in my way, because having them and catering for them is my way of life. So if there’s any part of my family ‘dealings’ that looks like or seems like they’re getting in the way of my PhD, then most of the time it’s because I do not manage my time properly. Nothing much to do with them. The rest is in the hand of Allah.

Between now and January, I have only a couple of more days, to prove that with a proper time management, this thesis will get done…and family is there to help you along the way and not get in the way.

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