All Over The Place

… that was my supervisor’s comment when he browsed my conclusion chapter. Arghhhh… tensi…tensi…

He sat me down and note a few things to my attention:

1) Conclusion is a difficult chapter.

2) Yes, you must reiterate but not repeat!

3) It’s the place to suggest some recommendations, but not be too forthright with them, so as not to sound like a policy paper for the government.

So it’s back to the drawing board! Sakit Jiwaaa!!!

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2 Responses to All Over The Place

  1. mulan says:

    Setuju bebenor, conclusion memang payah nak tulis especially bila kita( akak le ni) ada tendency nak ‘merepeat’. Eh! cam sama je cara ur svsor ngan mine. Diaorang graduate sama ‘pondok’ kot dulu…heeee
    In my case I need to read then apply plak pasal adab, malu, segan org Melayu and also konsep face org china…
    nasib baik buat PhD, baru tau benda benda nih….heeeee

    • Konsep apa tu..related utk thesis akak lah kut he..he..he.. byk benda saya tulis dlm conclusion rupanya kena campak dlm discussion. So kena lah rearrange Conclusion. Tp betullah kak, bila baca semula, memang repeat pun… malasnya nak godek semula 😉

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