Less is better…

I am still at my conclusion draft – stucked! So what do people do (or at least I do) when I get stucked, get further stucked on FB! And suddenly Youtube has so many interesting clips to watch! ha..ha..ha..

It is a very difficult chapter, because while writing it I have to also bear what I need to rewrite for my introduction. That, and I must not repeat and introduce new elements. My supervisor actually want it to a ‘short’ one. That should be good news for me, isn’t it? But it’s easy said than done. After 3 over years researching the matter, it’s not easy to wrap things up as precise as possible and not missed any points. I think what further slowed me down was the fact that I have written quite a number of pages for  my ‘conclusion’ and I am starting to see ‘double’. And I felt reluctant to slash some of them. Penat2 jer aku tulih!

But I guess, it had to be done in order to get ‘unstuck’. Today, I have started to slash them down. hu..hu..hu sedeynya. Not forgetting to copy whatever I slash into another file. You never know when you might need them later. Slashing most of them, actually give me some space to rethink what is necessary to be included in the conclusion. Less clutter, less repetitive stuff and thus, more direct, succinct point of view. Insya Allah, sometimes, less is better.

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