A Date

My supervisor has finally given me (and himself) a due date. Which in itself is a good thing, because writing a PhD thesis can go on, and on, and on. Having a date means, he has to ‘commit’ to me until this thesis gets submitted.

My supervisor is very pedantic. He has all this while self-appointed himself as my editor. This means, I have to do all my editing myself, subject of course to his satisfaction. With a date in mind, he must now subject himself to the ‘time vs perfection’ equation. Even with that in mind, he does sometimes pushed me over the limit of my patience with his ‘editing’ ideals. If not for the fact that he has known me well for the past three years, some of our exchanges would be considered disrespectful towards one another. But, I tend to just bite my tongue most of the time and gave in because I believe the time has finally come to get this over and done with! Not to mention that I am now on borrowed time with zero financing! However, in overall this is not a bad thing, as my circumstance now becomes a motivation for both of us to get this thesis finalized. Definitely, a date to fight for, indeed!

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