Crossing line…

It has been awhile. I have been busy tightening all the nuts and bolts of the final presentation of the thesis. Alhamdulillah, it’s now finalised. Now, I will have to wait for the examiners’ reports to come back, Insya Allah, I prayed that there are going to be only minimal changes.

For my family, who had waited for the past 4 months for my return, I have the following to say, which I include in the thesis too 🙂

It was never meant to be easy,
I know that now,
Having myself, my worst enemy,
Battling perceptions constantly,
It could have been an unforgiving mistake,
I know that now,
But it has been so much more,
I have been marked,
I have been changed,
But above all, it has always left me wondering,
What could have been, where would I be,
Would I ever crossed this journey,
Had I never have all of you in my dreams…

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