Back at Work

It has now been almost 2 months since I submitted my thesis. As of yesterday, I have not heard anything back from the uni. In fact, past the first 2 weeks after the thesis was submitted, I couldn’t even get my supervisor to reply to my emails. I guess he’s been very busy. Couldn’t have imagined if I have gone home during those critical times, I may not even finished by now.

Anyway, I am back at work, given a temporary office for the next 3 months and will be teaching three courses. All 3 courses I have taught before or at least have the same foundation as the ones I did teach before I left for Melbourne. So nothing stressful there. My teaching hours are around 14 hours for the next semester. Dealing with students may a bit stressful. We don’t usually received excellent ones in my uni. So if they turned out wonderful, quite an amount of that excellence is owed to the teacher 😛

But it seemed the way the uni is run nowadays will put you in that stressful situation. There’s just too many bureaucratic works, no leeway given if you are doing research and as a lecturer you no longer teach, but you are now a manager of your students. I guess, I need to see all this new responsibilities as an opportunity instead of a challenge. An opportunity to improve skills, time management and multi-tasking skills. I don’t think it’s that problematic, unless I slipped into a zombie-land zone 🙂 We shall see 😛

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