A Book A Week

“The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking.” ~ Christopher Morley.


DSC_3957DSC_3958 These are some of the books we have at home. Evidently I am actually crazy about books 🙂 I love to read. I remembered having a habit of reading while eating when I was small. Actually, both my husband and I love to read. And my 9 years old daughter too. I can’t see that tendency yet in my two boys, given that they are 6 and 3  years old respectively. But I do hope they’ll fall in love with books and more books like we do, because there’s just so much thing they’ll missed if they don’t get into the habit 🙂 Because we’ve been surrounded by books all the time, we can’t actually fathom people who have no interest in books. We’d always thought that everyone love books. Well, I guess that’s not an accurate assumption. I do hope that everyone could instill the habit early at home. I got into mine because it became a source of escapism for me then. Now, I just read for the sake of reading and learning something new. Ironically though, I read the least number of books while I was doing my PhD. So now that I’m done with PhD, it’s time to start working on these shelves.

My aim is to read a book a week, In Sha Allah. But if I were to include reviews, I may only be able to cover 2 books a month. That’s not too bad, I guess. Will do whatever it takes so I can read more and then some more. As for this week, I’ve chosen to read the following book. Probably I will need an extra week to finish it up and write up a review, for the font used in the book is rather small. Plus it has 31, albeit short, chapters. Let’s see how the whole thing pans out. I hope I can spare appropriate time to get to do this on a regular basis, In Sha Allah.


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