The Most Annoying Thing About Marking Examination Scripts – Part 2

My name is NOR FADZLINA NAWI, that’s how I’d always start my class. Introducing myself, while writing my name in blocks on the white board.

So I seriously can’t comprehend why in the end, students would get it wrong. I’ve even wrote once here on how annoying it can be that after 14 weeks of classes, students still can’t identify and spelled their lecturers’ name correctly on their examination answer scripts. And these scripts carry the most marks for them. It goes to show how some students nowadays simple took things for granted & couldn’t even be bothered to double check the name of their lecturers.

Maybe I am not a celebrity & glamorous enough, for most of them can seem to remember the names of all the celebrities out there. I don’t know, maybe I should donned a stage name, something along the line of ‘Prince’ or ‘Beyonce’ for them to never get it wrong! 😛


my name

9 variation of ‘my name’


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