Nor Fadzlina Nawi initially trained in law at the International Islamic University (IIUM), Malaysia, she later read for her Masters in Comparative Laws also at the IIUM in 2001. She then began her career as a lecturer in law at the IIUM. In 2002, Fadzlina relocated to the MARA University of Technology, where she has been lecturing in various law subjects, before embarking on her PhD research specializing in Family Law Mediation at La Trobe University, Australia.

Fadzlina developed her interest in her current research out of her experiences and observation of the adversarial legal process in Malaysia and how family matters are not the most appropriate means for dealing with divorce and separation in the majority of cases within the legal system. She sought to look for an alternative way – mediation.

For her doctoral research, titled “Developing a mandatory family mediation program for the civil family law system in Malaysia: Learning from the experiences of Australia”, she focuses on exploring how mandatory mediation can be introduced into the Malaysian Civil Family Law and ensuring that the mandatory family mediation program for the Malaysian civil system are developed with a legal, conceptual and practical framework that are safe and is equitable to all the participants. Fadzlina’s study, seeks to learn from the experiences and lessons from Australia in establishing its current model of mandatory mediation in family disputes, and gain information from key informants in Malaysia about the viability of transplanting Australia’s model in Malaysia. She believes that the findings from the study, if seriously considered by the policymakers can contribute towards the development of a conceptual and practical framework for a family mediation program in Malaysia.

Fadzlina continues to strive and train to be a better educator and researcher. She hopes to share her long life dedication in matters dealing with family policies, experiences and future expertise towards the betterment of education, especially legal education in Malaysia.


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