When Students Quote You…

From time to time, in class, I will highlight things that happen around my life, the life’s of the students and our life in general. It’s interesting then, now through social media, to find out what actually stick in their mind. Made me wonder whether I am on the right track ;-). These are some of them since I came back teaching in 2012, probably there’s more but never documented and remained discussed only among themselves:

  • “Boycott carries the same meaning as Istiqamah. If you want to boycott (something), you need to boycott it for the rest of your life.”
  • “We’ve evolved from ‘katak bwh tempurung’ (mentality), just saying yes to everything, to people who question everything”.
  • ” Your husband should cook, do the laundry and everything. You tak payah buat apa pun.”
  • “Criminal law with Madam Fadzlina was great. She’s very cool like seriously. ‘Add maths, it doesn’t make sense’ haha never forget her words!”
  • “I prefer to send my children to Form 6 rather than Matriks”
  • “‘Why do you need husband if they do not contribute nothing, while u only become a slave? (Dr. Fadzlina , 2014)’ ada lg yg nk quote menda ni?”
  • “Nak tidur panjang, tunggu mati nanti. Tu pun belum tentu kita tidur dengan tenang atau tidak?”
  • “Woman tend to remember everything you say”
  • “Dr Fadzlina cakap orang yang suka cari publisiti ni, org yang tak cukup kasih sayang”
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