Seminar – Companies Act 2016’s Implementation “Issues and Challenges for Academics”


It’s been a while. I know.

A lot has been going on. Personal and work wise. Sometimes there’s no time to ponder and reflect, what more to write them down. It’s a missed opportunity, a lot of missed opportunities. I wish to get back to how it used to be. Soon, In Sya Allah. I have it all visualize in my mind and subconsciously training my subconscious mind to reach that target. I hoped that made sense…haha..

Anyway, coming back to the law – The Companies Act 2106 is now in its first implementation phase starting from the end of January 2017. It’s a brand new statute with some major changes that totally revamp how company law and its compliance is dealt with.

So I set up talking to one person to another person mid January in campus, and one thing led to another, and here we are having a seminar on the ‘Companies Act 2016’s Implementation’ on the 24th February 2017 (Friday) here in Seremban.

We are charging a mere RM100 for a one day course, inclusive of  three  meals and seminar materials for all interested public. Speakers will be from the Companies Commission Of Malaysia (SSM) and UiTM Law Faculty (FUU).

The main topics of discussion would be:

“Implementation and enforcement of the Companies Act 2016: Key Changes” 

“Companies Act 2016 vs Companies Act 1965: Academic issues in transition” 

Interested participants may register by making payments to “BENDAHARI UITM” electronically (IBG) at the account number – 05012010081403 (BANK ISLAM). Please state “SEMINARCO” in the reference section of the electronic transaction (IBG).

Please submit proof of payment to Miss Farawahidha either to:

Please don’t forget to state your full name, your email account and amount paid.

I hope to see more people come along to our Seminar, especially Academics who need to prep for the course soon. It will be a transitioning period for all, and hopefully the Seminar will shed some light on how we prepare for the new implementation of the Companies Act 2016.


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Unit Khidmat Nasihat Undang-undang UiTMNS

So I have finally decided to pick up from where ‘we’ left off this project – a legal clinic for the campus. There’s so much prospects in it, and so much time thinking and prepping for it, I refused to let it go before I even try. I am not leaving a legacy, only an avenue for others in need of assistance in determining and upholding their rights.

So here goes (everything):


Please share the FB page linked here.

Thank you 🙂


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Academic Conference (ACCON 2016), Faculty of Law UiTM

After months of anticipation and preparation (in various forms), finally friends and colleagues gathered from all over Malaysia in Holiday Inn Melaka, for 3 days (19 – 21 February) for the Academic Conference of the Faculty of Law, UiTM. The Faculty had not had a conference of this scale for almost 10 years, ensuring representation of all law lecturers from the state campuses too.

YB Hajah Nancy Shukri  was happy to spend some time to officiate the conference. We had papers presentations, listened to wonderful speech and forum discussions from practitioners and professionals in the industry, had discussions amongst ourselves and more presentations of resolutions. It’s a given fact that legally trained people love to talk. Throw in a great food banquet, we can talk all day long, oh well, make that 3 day long 🙂


These were my friends & colleagues from our days in Merbok. We had all moved on to serve other campuses now 🙂

Anyway, I presented a paper on the Usage of Field Trips as a Teaching & Learning Strategies (I will write about this paper in another post, soon) and some of my colleagues presented various other papers in regards to issues affecting legal education in UiTM as a whole. I am proud to report that the Law Department from Seremban contributed 6 papers to the conference. We had a great time actually, I remembered most of the resolutions, which affects the future of legal education not only in UiTM, but also Malaysia in general. However, truthfully I couldn’t care less, and I don’t really feel like noting them down either haha… I was just happy to be there and enjoyed my time with old and new friends surrounded by all the food fiesta 😀


My Paper


My Team 🙂

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When Students Quote You…

From time to time, in class, I will highlight things that happen around my life, the life’s of the students and our life in general. It’s interesting then, now through social media, to find out what actually stick in their mind. Made me wonder whether I am on the right track ;-). These are some of them since I came back teaching in 2012, probably there’s more but never documented and remained discussed only among themselves:

  • “Boycott carries the same meaning as Istiqamah. If you want to boycott (something), you need to boycott it for the rest of your life.”
  • “We’ve evolved from ‘katak bwh tempurung’ (mentality), just saying yes to everything, to people who question everything”.
  • ” Your husband should cook, do the laundry and everything. You tak payah buat apa pun.”
  • “Criminal law with Madam Fadzlina was great. She’s very cool like seriously. ‘Add maths, it doesn’t make sense’ haha never forget her words!”
  • “I prefer to send my children to Form 6 rather than Matriks”
  • “‘Why do you need husband if they do not contribute nothing, while u only become a slave? (Dr. Fadzlina , 2014)’ ada lg yg nk quote menda ni?”
  • “Nak tidur panjang, tunggu mati nanti. Tu pun belum tentu kita tidur dengan tenang atau tidak?”
  • “Woman tend to remember everything you say”
  • “Dr Fadzlina cakap orang yang suka cari publisiti ni, org yang tak cukup kasih sayang”
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Much Ado About ”Marking” (Exam Scripts)

The last time I blogged here, it was about how annoying marking examination scripts can be and here I am at the time of the semester where I need to mark again. It seems like a never-ending venture. I am wondering if I can last another 17 years doing this. Yup, marking (and invigilating) examinations could easily be the worst aspect of the ”job” as I have mentioned in another previous post here.

Let me tell you why it’s such a dreaded part of the job, especially from my part of the ”academia world” (aka UiTM) where having 30-60 students per annum and 8 hours of teaching per semester is something we can only dream of. Having students running into the hundreds, with a minimum of 16 hours a week is a norm for us, definitely making marking a stressful recurrent responsibility.

In my experience, marking final examination scripts involve two major tasks:

1) Managing the ”Management”

2) Managing the Process

These two tasks most of the time runs concurrently.

1) Managing the “Management”

Managing the ”management” will usually involved taking notice of and adhering to the formalities in place by the management in dealing with:

(a) the time frame given for the whole process of marking and assessment,

(b) the safety of the scripts,

(c) the system used to submits the results, and

(d) the politics for borderline results.

Especially in my case, the time given never seem to make sense nor tally with the sheer number of students under my charge. The procedures involved in ensuring the safety of the scripts, although understandable and a system, which can only be accessible within the university’s campus further adds into the time constraints. Once all assessment is completed, we are then responsible to make sure that all marks are uploaded into the system accurately according to the time frame given. No margin of error is acceptable! I won’t divulge on point (d). I think most universities would have some sort of practice in place in dealing with such cases. We have ours, and I need to consider them before I finalize the results.

2) Managing the Process

Managing the process of marking and assessment will usually involved dealing with:

(a) The questions


(b) The answers

The questions are set up by a Resource Person and will come complete with its set of suggested answer schemes. And because it’s only a suggestion, I would still need to sit down and discuss the schemes with the rest of my colleagues who may be marking the same subject. Some form of standardization is required in order to ensure that we strive for consistency and objectivity in our assessment. We’d need to consider several things of course, including the differences in the style of our teaching of the subject and the examples shared with our students. Again, all this management requires time and cooperation on the part of all examiners.

When it comes to the answers and all the different versions presented by students, examiners need to face the annoyance I used to point out in my earlier post and try be as objective and fair as possible. It can get pretty tricky sometimes, especially when some of the answers do not follow the conventional answers provided in the answer scheme. But their answers are not necessarily wrong either. So at times, some subjectivity is present in order to be fair to the students.

The marking and assessment process, therefore, involves a lot of time, for managing the formalities and  deliberation of all the marks deserved by the students. It is not something that’s pretty straight forward, definitely the less fun part of academia life, at least in my academia life ;-).

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The Most Annoying Thing About Marking Examination Scripts – Part 2

My name is NOR FADZLINA NAWI, that’s how I’d always start my class. Introducing myself, while writing my name in blocks on the white board.

So I seriously can’t comprehend why in the end, students would get it wrong. I’ve even wrote once here on how annoying it can be that after 14 weeks of classes, students still can’t identify and spelled their lecturers’ name correctly on their examination answer scripts. And these scripts carry the most marks for them. It goes to show how some students nowadays simple took things for granted & couldn’t even be bothered to double check the name of their lecturers.

Maybe I am not a celebrity & glamorous enough, for most of them can seem to remember the names of all the celebrities out there. I don’t know, maybe I should donned a stage name, something along the line of ‘Prince’ or ‘Beyonce’ for them to never get it wrong! 😛


my name

9 variation of ‘my name’


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Freshly Pressed 2015

It’s a month into 2015 & I have a new resolution – I need to start writing again, at least once a month. I planned on continuing noting my professional aims & activities at work and steps taken in my publishing ventures. It has been almost a year since I last wrote here. 2014 has been a busy year. In fact, truth be told I haven’t even manage to clear all the boxes at my office and it’s going to be a year come April since my move to the new office.

So yesterday, I thought I had to start somewhere. I sorted & cleared the inbox of all my emails, from the 5 thousands accumulated rubbish till I’m left with less than 50 important ones remaining in all the accounts.

Today, I’ll start planning on what’s needed to be done to publish. I need a timeline, a schedule.

It’s time to start again. Fresh.

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