Academic Conference (ACCON 2016), Faculty of Law UiTM

After months of anticipation and preparation (in various forms), finally friends and colleagues gathered from all over Malaysia in Holiday Inn Melaka, for 3 days (19 – 21 February) for the Academic Conference of the Faculty of Law, UiTM. The Faculty had not had a conference of this scale for almost 10 years, ensuring representation of all law lecturers from the state campuses too.

YB Hajah Nancy Shukri  was happy to spend some time to officiate the conference. We had papers presentations, listened to wonderful speech and forum discussions from practitioners and professionals in the industry, had discussions amongst ourselves and more presentations of resolutions. It’s a given fact that legally trained people love to talk. Throw in a great food banquet, we can talk all day long, oh well, make that 3 day long 🙂


These were my friends & colleagues from our days in Merbok. We had all moved on to serve other campuses now 🙂

Anyway, I presented a paper on the Usage of Field Trips as a Teaching & Learning Strategies (I will write about this paper in another post, soon) and some of my colleagues presented various other papers in regards to issues affecting legal education in UiTM as a whole. I am proud to report that the Law Department from Seremban contributed 6 papers to the conference. We had a great time actually, I remembered most of the resolutions, which affects the future of legal education not only in UiTM, but also Malaysia in general. However, truthfully I couldn’t care less, and I don’t really feel like noting them down either haha… I was just happy to be there and enjoyed my time with old and new friends surrounded by all the food fiesta 😀


My Paper


My Team 🙂

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